This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

August 8, 2009

Post-Sotomayor Resignation: Mel Martinez (ex-R, FL)

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It’s very, very hard not to see the timing as a statement.  Not just against the Republican’s attempted debasement of Sotomayor, and by association the Hispanic narrative in America. Martínez’s move, too, can been seen as another accomplished person of color—following Colin Powellflipping a metaphorical middle finger at all the Republicans have devolved into...

~That Minority Thing, on the resignation of Cuban-American Senator
Melquíades Rafael “Mel” Martínez

May 26, 2009

From Nancy Drew to SCOTUS Nominee

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It’s my understanding that Judge Sotomayor’s interest in the law was sparked as a young girl by reading the Nancy Drew series  — and that when she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of eight, she was informed that people with diabetes can’t grow up to be police officers or private investigators like Nancy Drew.  And that’s when she was told she’d have to scale back her dreams….

~President Barack Obama, on his nomination of
Judge Sonia Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice

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