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September 8, 2009

On Tennis and Great White Sweethearts

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“She looks like she just scrubbed her face with Noxzema,” says sportscaster Michelle Beadle, currently the co-host of SportsNation on ESPN2. “She’s like Reese Witherspoon playing this role in a movie. She looks like a girl whose summer job is to sell clothes at Abercrombie.”

…For American women’s tennis, Oudin’s arrival has been a long time coming. Not since the 1970s, when Chris Evert rose to the top of the pro-tennis scene, has this country seen such a girl-next-door-style sweetheart in the sport, said Michelle Beadle. “From Day 1, I’ve never heard the Williams sisters referred to as sweethearts,” she added.

…On Wednesday, Oudin faces yet another high-ranking opponent, this time Danish No. 9 seed Caroline Wozniacki. Americans will be rooting for Oudin. Yet even if she doesn’t win—at the close of a summer of polarizing battles over back-to-school speeches and health-care debates—Oudin has provided the country with a burst of sunshine. [Source]


It’s hard to imagine why Melanie Oudin — a fine tennis player with a bright future, to be sure — would be viewed as America’s Sweetheart, while Venus and Serena Williams are not. Except, of course, for the fact that Oudin is a pretty, young, blonde white woman, and Venus and Serena Williams are African American.

You see, you can’t be America’s Sweetheart if you’re black. I mean, the very idea! After all, that would mean that African American women could be viewed as attractive, just like a white girl. And that is simply not considered acceptable. [Source]

July 4, 2009

S. over V.

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"Bucket of Balls." PPR_Scribe

"Bucket of Balls." PPR_Scribe

I really thought this year it’d be Venus holding up the big-a plate on center court. But it was not to be for big sis this time. The Venus Rosewater Dish was for little sis Serena this year.

Next up: doubles final.

How great it is to see these two women do what they do.

Wonder what they do with all of those plates…

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