This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

October 25, 2009

Sometimes the smallest things make your day

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Wandering around the small convenience store on campus. Finally decide on an overpriced bottled water and an overpriced variety pack of Now ‘r Laters. Get to the 20-something Black male cashier. He rings me up, says—pointing to his pal who had just ducked into a door behind the counter—

“My partner there says you look like Claire Huxtable. That’s a compliment.”

It surely is, young man. It surely is.



  1. i love it….claire. but why not the oldest huxtable daughter? i think a case could be made…

    Comment by Rich — October 25, 2009 @ 11:21 am

  2. LOL @ Rich. Actually I’ll take Claire—that clean cut, professional look I was going for!

    Comment by pprscribe — October 26, 2009 @ 8:03 am

  3. BINGO! I knew I’ve seen you before. Wasn’t you in “A Raisin In The Sun”? That’s it, you and Puff Daddy? Lord have mercy, who would have thought it. It’s all comng back. Claire and her doctor husband, who’s the father of Fat Albert. I’ll be dang, I’ve been kickin’ it with royalty. I heard your husband just released a rap CD. Didn’t it cause a little controversy?

    Wait a minute. I might have my facts a little twisted. Lets see, I know you’re a Prince fan, and he had a song titled “Controversy”.

    Forget it, I am all screwed up. Maybe you aren’t Claire. But I’ll tell you what. Until further review… YOU’RE CLAIRE.

    Glad to meet you.

    Comment by careycarey — October 26, 2009 @ 10:24 am

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