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July 30, 2009

Closed for Scheduled Racism?

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Seems everyone wants to “dialogue” these days:

Indiana Black Expo President Tanya Bell says dialogue between the non-profit organization and Downtown businesses is key to ensuring that events like “Summer Celebration” are a positive experience for guests and vendors.

I would think that bringing in from $30 million and $72 million annually would be a pretty big positive for most businesses downtown. Well, then, what a lousy time to schedule a closing for regular maintenance:

The 24-hour Downtown Steak ‘n Shake closed Friday night and Saturday night, peak nights of the Summer Celebration on July 17th and 18th, for “scheduled maintenance,” restaurant officials told The Star. The restaurant also closed last year during Expo’s peak nights.

President Bell hopefully will bring up this mystifying tidbit during her dialogs and conversations and whatnot:

Bell has not yet spoken with restaurant officials, but she says it’s hard to understand why a business would close when Downtown is bustling with potential patrons.

Well, if Expo patrons couldn’t have chocolate malts and a plateful of skinny fries, then at least they could indulge in some chicken wings:

“It was a boost to business,” said Tony Kwiatkowski, co-owner of the Buffalo Wild Wings on South Meridian Street. “This was our first summer being open, so we didn’t really know what to expect.”

Me and my crew considered Sn’S for a hot minute (not knowing they were in the midst of important maintenance duties) before deciding on a Micky D’s several blocks away from the Convention Center. The restaurant was very well-maintained.


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