This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

May 14, 2009

More Momma

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Couldn’t get enough Mothers’ Day goodness? No need to stop celebrating just because the second Sunday in May has passed:

*This Sunday at 4pm EST The Best of What Tami Said features Deesha Philyaw discussing Black motherhood:

Deesha writes eloquently about parenting and other issues at one of my favorite blogs, Mamalicious. She is a columnist at Anti-Racist Parent and, with her ex-husband, runs the blog, Co-Parenting 101, which tackles how former couples can thrive as parents when marriages and romantic relationships end.

*In case you missed it, The Defenders Online featured the reflections of several Black writers on their relationship with their mothers.

*I came across this interesting discussion in the new (to me) blogging venture, Double x, having to do with the phenomenon of some women using images of their children as their avatar of themselves in their Facebook profiles. I am relatively new to FB and still haven’t decided if I will continue with it—The novelty of finding people I hadn’t thought about in years has pretty much worn off now, I have no desire to “friend” people I do not already know at least to some extent in my other lives, and I have on more than one occasion been the recipient of TMI that I wish I had not received. But I have noticed—and wondered about—how some people use images of people/things other than themselves as their main profile pic. I had not noticed that this was a gendered phenomenon, but if it is, that is not surprising.

*I have been greatly enjoying the posts at the blog Mrs. O.—all about the fashion choices of our new first lady and mom-in-chief. I am not a big fashionista myself: if I had my choice, I’d wear a uniform of some sort every day. But I must admit that Michelle Obama makes fashion seem a lot more accessible and relevant to someone like me.

*And finally, in the Tooting My Own Horn corner is a recent brief BlogHer post of mine about the prospect of one of my favorite TV moms appearing in Playboy wearing the only fashion she came into this world in—75 years ago. Say what you will (and many people have been doing just that), if Shirley Jones does this photo shoot I will be buying that issue of Playboy.


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  1. Just went to the FB article about women using their children as their avatar photo. Whoa. It definitely made me think. I rarely use my own image myself and on a few occasions, I’ve used pictures of me and my daughter together… but then, she’s just so darn cute LOL. I agree with some of the writer’s argument, but not completely. Very intriguing!

    And congrats on the BlogHer post!

    Comment by Claudia — May 18, 2009 @ 3:27 pm

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