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March 30, 2009

PPR_Scribe’s First Fan Email

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An “unverified visitor to [my] site” used the “Contact PPR_Scribe” form to leave me the following email–the first I have received:

No fucking DUH there wasn’t a hell of a whole lot of sympathy for the cops in the Lovelle Mixon case!! And you have to wonder why and I don’t give 2 SHITS if there are suposedly ‘hard-working,decent,honest’ cops on the force we sure as shit don’t see those people in OUR neighborhoods and as for judging all books by their cop cover isn’t that EXACTLY what they k-e-e-p doing to us?!! You may say ‘2 wrongs don’t make it right’ but there’s also another little saying called ‘you reap what you fucking so!’ so forgive me if I’m not all teary-eyed and bleary that assholes who have spent DECADES using and abusing their power to get away with threats,violence,brutality, intimidation,perversion,Gestapo tactics,and yes MURDER are coming to realize that gee they AREN’T invincible and can be vulnerable to that s-a-m-e violence that they inflict! Bottom line maybe not ALL cops are bad but all cops do look out for each other and look the other way when any of them do wrong and THEY are the ones I suppose to give the benefit of the doubt?! Then the fuckers should GIVE it first otherwise they’ll be getting more of what their ‘brothers in blue’ give.

This, apparently, was in response to some comments I made around the internets (likely from this Racialicious post) about the reactions to the Mixon case.

I think “fan” is probably a little bit of an overstatement. OK. A lot bit.


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  1. I can understand the point, and I think there is some legitimacy to it. But it’s no way to go if you want things (read relations between cops and civilians) to get any better.

    Comment by Richard Froggatt — March 31, 2009 @ 11:14 pm

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