This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

March 25, 2009

PSA: Should I Blog About Some Racist Ish?

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Well, it sometimes happens that I am just about to close down the Macbook for the day, thinking my blogging is done, when I open up one last news page, one last blog, and read…something that nearly makes my head explode. Now, anti-racist work can be exhausting. Many bloggers more able than I have burnt themselves out by tackling too much for too long with too few supports to help them. So what should I learn from this? When should I post about, say, some person calling Michelle Obama a bitch or trash, and when should I leave it alone?

Well, I follow a certain decision-tree. Up until now the process has been only in my head. But I figure, as a public service to the anti-racist blogosphere, that I should simplify my decision-making process and post it for all to see.

Soooooo…without further ado–here it is: the “Should You Post on Your Blog in Response to Some Racist Crap in the News?” flowchart, by PPR_Scribe.

Hope this has been helpful!

(P.S., Please excuse the misspelling of “migraine”–and any other typos that may be contained here. I had somewhat of a headache myself when creating this flowchart and the itty bitty letters were too hard for me to see clearly…)

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  1. Ha Ha. This is great!!! But you are going to have to post this every week the way things are going. They are working their way up to saying the N Word…

    Comment by citizen ojo — March 25, 2009 @ 9:57 pm

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