This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

March 24, 2009

Some of my favorite bloggers are “angry”

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As a follow-up to the great Kara Walker quote I previously posted, I want to make clear that I do not find anything wrong about anger. In fact, some of my favorite bloggers are angry.

Angry Asian Man alerts me to stereotyped “ethnic” costumes that can now be purchased 12 months out of the year! I can attest to this phenomenon of racially- and ethnically-linked year-round costumes. Recently I went in search of 70s garb for a party and was surprised at how many stereotypes are readily available on the shelves. Geisha girls and Hawaiian hula dancers, huge afros and pimp outfits. And the latter was available in youth sizes!!! Yes, nothing says “good times” like dressing up your 9-year-old son in a huge afro and pimp gear to watch him get his stroll on.

Meanwhile, Angry Black Bitch is wondering about the contours of outrage. This, in response to the AIG drama. In my comment over there I doubted whether we Americans could muster any kind of sustained outrage. I think most of us “can’t handle the truth” and would rather not think about it–especially so long as things are running fairly smoothly. Another commenter noted that the financial situation is a prime example why Black people should not be in politics.

Talk about something making a ‘B’ angry…

Not seeming very angry at all, Angry Black Woman posted a call for submissions for Verb Noir:

Verb Noire is intended to be a platform for all those stories that have been hidden for so long because the protagonist didn’t fit the mainstream mold.

…we are looking for original works of genre fiction (science fiction/fantasy/mystery/romance) that feature a person of color and/or LGBT as the central character.

Very awesome. I am partial to science fiction, mysteries and horror myself and would welcome more of these works where people like me are featured prominently.

One of my more recent blog finds, Angry Black-White Girl has posted a video of an interview with Satan in which he opines about sex. Nice take-home message from the man down under: variety is the spice of life. Take-home message from the church that created the video: religious institutions fear open discussion about sex. Yes–and with tragic consequences: from Black churches’ silence for too long about HIV/AIDS to the Vatican’s warped view on the relative sin of abortion and rape to the religious funding of anti-family marriage laws.

Now that is all worthy of our anger.

“If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention…”


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