This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

March 11, 2009

Riddle, Poem, Tale or Joke

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Up until a little while ago, all posts to PPR Life were grouped in one category: “Uncategorized.” Geeky me–I got such a big kick out of seeing all my posts assigned automatically by the WordPress gods to a category that denies itself. So very GEB. At any rate I thought it pretentious to start categories before I even had posts to post to them, thinking instead I’d let my categories develop “organically.” (A word that over-educated folks use when they really mean “haphazardly”…)

Well I am pleased to announce that now I have my first category: “Riddle, Poem, Tale or Joke.” A description:

Mostly pieces by PPR_Scribe. Some are semi-autobiographical, others are purely flights of fancy. Everyone should share their stories, in whatever form of storytelling best suits them… (See “Friday at the Front” parts 1 and 2.)

The posts so far in this category:

In other housekeeping news, I am also experimenting with writing additional reflections and other posts that may not be appropriate for this space in a BlogHer user blog here.

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