This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

February 10, 2009

…and Three Steps Back

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Many of us have yet to figure out how to best celebrate Black History Month. (Perhaps that is the real reason why some are urging on its demise?) I was once asked for advice from a parent whose child’s school was planning to have all students, teachers, and staff wear the color black in honor of observing the achievements of African Americans. There did not seem to be some school-wide debate on the negative associations of “black” and how that contributes to a system of oppression or anything like that. Everybody was just going to wear black.

As in, to a funeral….


"Black History Month." zsrlibrary,

Some discussions of questionable Black History Month celebrations in the “Age of Obama”:

Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton–courtesy The Field Negro. Related (tangentially): I wonder if the current tainted peanut butter crisis will put a crimp in Black History Month lesson plans about George Washington Carver…

Mainstreaming and watering down–Associated Press via MSNBC. At one time corporate America ignored Black History Month. Now it is an annual marketing bonanza–for better or for worse. (Quite often, for worse.) Proof in the pudding that we should be careful what we wish for.

With cornbread and grape soda for all–via Blackinformant: Could some of the consternation about questionable Black History Month observances actually be concern about what others (i.e., White people) will think?


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