This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

February 6, 2009

February, for Now

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"Downtown, Dawn Breaks." PPR_Scribe

"Downtown, Dawn Breaks." PPR_Scribe

More discussion around the way about whether or not it is time to do away with Black History Month.

For now we have February. It is inadequate, but it is what we have. So much of our history are the stories of black people who made greatness out of inadequate resources. So rather than ending Black History Month, I hope that we embrace it more fully.

Michael E. Ross at The Root seems to declare The End of Black History Month:

[T]his year’s Black History Month will be different, taking place as it does against a backdrop of unprecedented change in the national leadership. As the events of the last month have convincingly shown, there’s no separating the current fortunes and histories of 37 million African Americans from the rest of the America.

When black American history intertwines so completely with American history in general, what’s the rationale for separating them?

At the core of such discussions—either explicit or implicit—is the question: “Has Black History Month outlived its usefulness?” An obvious follow-up question, then, is ‘useful’ for what/to whom?

It is not always clear, to me, exactly what “use” commentators see Black History Month as currently having, or as having had. This needs to be made more clear. Once we have done that, it is fair to decide not that yes, it has outlived its usefulness or no, it hasn’t–but to suggest that it now may have different uses.

So the time may be nigh to talk about what those new uses are or should be.


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